Forum Rules

* New members are moderated for a certain length of time. That means your post won't show up until a moderator approves it.

* There is no guarantee that all (or any) of your posts will be approved. We don't promise that you will ever be accepted as a forum member. Tightrope is neither a soup kitchen nor a democracy. We don't owe you anything and you can't vote to change it. Even if you do become a forum member, every so often me and the moderators go looking for the stupidest fucker on the board and we ban them for life just to clean things up a bit.

* Personal and inter-organizational bickering is not allowed anywhere except the Snake Pit, and it better not get too retarded there, either. There will be people here you can't stand, I promise. I don't care. If you think someone is a rat, show us the paperwork. Otherwise, 99% of message board drama is goofy and pointless and I will not put up with it here.

* Spelling and grammar....Nobody is perfect but really, unless you are in the Drunk Tank, use spell check or something. A little effort would be nice. If I have to spend too much time fixing jacked up posts, I start wanting to ban fuckers.

*Assume that federal agents read every post on this forum, because they do. Don't talk about anything illegal here. If another forum member attempts to entrap you with discussion of illegal activities, let me know immediately.

* If you have any questions, problems or suggestions about the board, feel free to contact me here.