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Thread: Anyone Running or doing cardio?

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    Why do police dogs lick their ass's? To get the taste of nigger out of their mouths!
    Apathy & Lethargy equals the destruction of the White Race! Pride in Your White History & Heritage does not equal Racism. Those that would have you believe that are the racist ones. Your Actions and Deeds distinguish who and what you are and how you will be remembered by others. So I say go ahead and rage against the machine, that wants to decapitate our beloved White Race, in Word and Action! Never Stop Until We can secure a safe future for ALL White Children in this world we live in today!

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    Man speaking of exercising I'm n Dallas right now n wait on the bus I got a head ache I did a workout n then forgot the food for the bus n now I godda starve for to days wtf it wasn't much food anyway a fello white man have gave me some goldfish cracker that is about it
    send them back your fierce defiance !

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